Vimpelcom to sell off ‘weak’ broadband assets

21 Jan 2015

ComNews writes that Vimpelcom, trading as Beeline, plans to divest fixed broadband businesses in two cities where it currently has a weak market position. Previously, Vimpelcom sold off assets in Orenburg, Belgorod and Ufa, and more recently, in Lipetsk. Vimpelcom press secretary Anna Aybasheva did not divulge the names of the cities involved, noting only that: ‘The rest of the 48 regions where we offer our ‘Home Internet Beeline’ service hold strong positions, and there are no plans to sell them there.’

In 2014 the operator completely revised its approach to the delivery of fixed broadband services, culminating in the strategic decision to divest the six cities identified as having the weakest position in the local broadband sector. The first to go was in Orenburg, when Vimpelcom offloaded its business to local provider JSC Radio – branded ‘Focus-Life’. Subsequently, it sold off operations in Belgorod, Lipetsk and Ufa, she said.

Russia, Beeline (Russia)