Optus expanding ‘4G Plus’ branding across entire LTE-enabled infrastructure

21 Jan 2015

Australia’s second largest cellco by subscribers, Optus, has announced that it is evolving its ‘4G Plus’ brand to encompass its entire fourth-generation network in a movie it said marked ‘a step change in coverage and quality for customers as it reaches a milestone of more than 1,100 metropolitan and regional sites supporting new 4G 700 MHz spectrum’. As such, the operator’s 4G Plus multi-band network will use a combination of spectrum (LTE 700MHz/1800MHz/2100MHz/2300MHz/2600MHz) to provide coverage and capacity, while 700MHz frequencies will underpin coverage nationally, and it expects some 90% of the Australian population to have access to the infrastructure by April 2015.

Optus Mobile Marketing Vice President, Ben White said of the network: ‘Our unique combination of spectrum bands means we can deliver a great 4G experience to consumers and businesses around Australia, whether it’s in the big cities, regional or holiday areas … We have already given customers a taste of our 4G Plus network in more than 100 regional and holiday locations including Albury, Ballarat, Cairns, Port Augusta, Bunbury in the west and Snug in Tasmania. We are well ahead of schedule, with more to come.’

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