AT&T confirms ‘abandonment’ of certain wireline assets

21 Jan 2015

US telecoms giant AT&T has indicated that it is poised to shut down certain, as-yet unspecified, wireline network assets, as it moves forward with its ongoing IP network transition. As per a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the telco explained: ‘Our fourth quarter 2014 operating results will also include a USD2.1 billion non-cash charge for the abandonment in place of certain network assets. During the fourth quarter, we performed an analysis of our network assets and determined that specific copper assets will not be necessary to support future network activity, due to declining customer demand for our legacy voice and data products and the migration of our networks to next generation technology.’

AT&T is set to release its 4Q14 financial results on 27 January. The SEC filing also notes that AT&T expects to record a non-cash, pre-tax loss of approximately USD7.9 billion, related to ‘actuarial gains and losses on pension and post-employment benefit plans’.

United States, AT&T