Ofcom invites comments on high frequency bands for 5G

19 Jan 2015

British telecoms regulator Ofcom has called for industry stakeholders to weigh-in on the potential use of frequencies in spectrum bands above 6GHz for future mobile communication services. Ofcom’s Call for Input notes that although fifth-generation (5G) technology is still in the early stages of development, it is understood that in order to provide faster mobile broadband speeds than current 4G networks, 5G platforms will need to use large blocks of spectrum. However, frequency blocks of the necessary size are ‘difficult to find’ in lower bands and, as such, the regulator is inviting comments from industry stakeholders to help it ‘understand the advantages and disadvantages of different bands above 6GHz, taking account of other existing and potential users of the spectrum.’ The closing date for responses is 27 February and the results of the consultation will be published in Q2 2015.

United Kingdom, Ofcom