Four applicants for 3G licences

16 Jan 2015

Ukraine’s telecoms regulator, the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization (NCCIR or NKRZI), received four applications for three 3G UMTS 2100MHz mobile network operating licences on offer by yesterday’s deadline, newspaper reported. Ukraine’s three largest mobile operators Kyivstar, MTS Ukraine and Astelit (life:)) have all confirmed entering applications to bid in the auction, results of which are scheduled to be announced on 16 February. A fourth bid application was reportedly entered by infrastructure operator Ukrtower, a subsidiary of Turkish mobile operator Turkcell, itself the majority shareholder in Astelit, on the basis of the possibility of building a shared 3G network for use by all Ukrainian operators. A rumoured UMTS licence bid from Ukraine’s largest CDMA mobile operator Intertelecom has apparently failed to materialise. Ukrtelecom (TriMob), wholly owned by local conglomerate SCM (also part-owner of Astelit) is currently Ukraine’s only UMTS licensee and network operator.