AKADO Telecom extends fibre-optic offer to consumer segment

15 Jan 2015

AKADO Telecom, which owns and operates a fibre-optic backbone network targeting the business segment in Moscow, has extended its services to the mass market, and from 13 January began offering residential internet, cable TV and voice telephony services, TDaily reports. AKADO, majority owned by US-based firm Moscow CableCom Corp (ComCor), itself part of Russian group Renova Media Enterprises, now provides services to all market segments in the capital, including B2B, B2C and B2G (business-to-government). In a press release, the company says that new consumer users will not be charged a connection fee for switching to AKADO Telecom in the initial phase.

ComCor has been active in Moscow since 1992, providing dedicated digital communication channels and data transmission services. In 2013 it began a reorganisation to improve its products and services in the capital’s corporate telecoms market, including provisions to build a combined 22,500km fibre-optic network. The works began last year and saw ComCor signing an agreement in October with Huawei to provide switches and routers to increase the capacity of the core network in Moscow, which as a result doubled to 200Gbps. Also in October 2014, AKADO Telecom received a licence to provide telecoms services throughout Russia. Until that date, the operator held only the appropriate licences for Moscow and St Petersburg, as well as the regions of Moscow, Leningrad and Sverdlovsk. Then, in November last year it launched a range of triple-play (broadband, TV and voice telephony) tariff plans, giving AKADO subscribers access to a range of packages: Extra +, which offers a maximum 150Mbps connection, 150 digital TV channels and 150 voice call minutes; Optimum +, which bundles a maximum 90Mbps broadband line with 120 TV channels and 90 minutes of voice calls; or Light +, which offers an up to 60Mbps connection, more than 100 digital TV channels and 60 minutes of calls per month. No prices were published for the plans which are accessible to customers connected via AKADO’s DOCSIS 3.0 cable network.

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