Verizon to offload selected wireline assets?

14 Jan 2015

Verizon Communications CEO and chairman Lowell McAdam has indicated that the US telecoms giant is considering offloading parts of its wireline network, in a bid to improve operational efficiency and yield financial benefits for the group. Speaking to Fierce Telecom at the Citi 2015 Global Internet, Media & Telecommunications Conference, McAdam said that Verizon has assets in certain markets that could be a more relevant fit for another service provider. While McAdam stopped short of naming specific markets that Verizon could sell, he indicated that the company could sell off some markets within a given state, but retain others. The CEO commented: ‘There are certain assets on the wireline side that would be better off in somebody else’s hands so we can focus our energy on a narrower geography … In the past we have sold off entire states, but I think there’s an opportunity to trim out some markets in a state and hold onto other markets in a state. That is a possibility for us as we move forward.’

Meanwhile, online journal DSL Reports has suggested that Verizon is interested in offloading its Texas, Florida and California assets to CenturyLink, although it has yet to verify the information, which came from unnamed company employees.

United States, Verizon Communications