Vodafone UK head says priority is 4G reliability, not speed and coverage

13 Jan 2015

Vodafone UK’s chief executive Jeroen Hoencamp has been cited as saying that his company is focused on ensuring its 4G network is strong and reliable, rather than it looking to compete with the likes of market leader EE in terms of coverage. According to TechWeek Europe, Vodafone UK’s Long Term Evolution (LTE) infrastructure is now available to around 50% of the country’s population – compared to the more than 80% EE announced earlier this week – while it has signed up around 1.4 million subscribers, far fewer than its rival’s 7.7 million customer base. However, Mr Hoencamp has highlighted the fact that Vodafone UK’s use of low level 800MHz spectrum will allow it to offer superior indoor coverage, while pointing out that it will only ever declare a location as ‘4G ready’ once it can serve the entire population, and not just a town or city centre. ‘It’s not about who’s got the most coverage,’ the executive said, adding: ‘It’s more about having the strongest signal. We’d love to expand the network faster, but it’s about doing it right first time; I’d rather do it at the pace we’re doing and get it right, than try to go faster and build a thin and flimsy network. You can have a few sites here and there, but that would give you really patchy signal. We only turn 4G on when we have built or updated enough sites.’

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