T-Mobile NL slashes European roaming prices

13 Jan 2015

Deutsche Telekom’s (DT’s) Dutch unit, T-Mobile NL, is cutting the cost of roaming in the European Union (EU), Iceland, Norway and Switzerland to match its domestic prices. From 19 January travelling subscribers will be able to receive incoming calls and send/receive SMS for free – as they do within the Netherlands – as part of their monthly bundle; outgoing calls will be free for the first 120 minutes, with out-of-bundle, per-minute charges applicable thereafter.

CEO Mark Klein commented: ‘Operators across Europe keep each other in a stranglehold … We want an end to this.’ Data charges are not affected by the new ‘Call Like Home’ plan, although T-Mobile claims that its ‘Travel & Surf‘ tariffs offer mobile internet for up to five times less than current EU regulated charges.

Netherlands, T-Mobile Netherlands