MegaFon upgrades network in Ryazan region; MTS deploys LTE-1800 in Bashkortostan

12 Jan 2015

Russian mobile network operator MegaFon carried out a large-scale network construction and modernisation project in the Ryazan region last year, increasing the number of 2G base stations on the network by 8% and 3G base stations by 17%. As well as upgrading a raft of existing equipment, the cellco said it added coverage to the areas of Sasovo, Pronsk, Alekanovo, Elatma, Spas-Klepiki and Kasimov.

Meanwhile, Russian rival Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) says it has commercially launched a 4G LTE-800 network to residents of Ufa, in the Republic of Bashkortostan, to meet demand for mobile internet, adding that during 2015 it intends to deploy LTE base stations in all cities in the Republic. MTS’ 4G network uses the 1800MHz band and is able to deliver maximum data speeds of 75Mbps, and supports up to 90% of LTE-devices available from leading manufacturers.

Commenting on the rollout, MTS director in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Paul Korotin, said: ‘MTS’ introduction of LTE in the 1800MHz band has a number of advantages: the use of a large part of our existing infrastructure and equipment allows us to significantly reduce the time to deploy the network and optimise construction costs. Launching [an] LTE network in the new frequency range will not only significantly increase the number of fourth-generation network users, but it will also relieve pressure on the 3G network, and thus significantly increase average internet speeds for all MTS subscribers. In addition, the 1800MHz band is able to support a higher level of penetration and a larger coverage area, which in future will allow us to provide advanced services not only to people living in big cities but also to small settlements across the Republic.’

MTS has deployed Carrier Aggregation (CA) technology for its LTE network in the Republic of Bashkortostan to combine multiple LTE bands in a single session to achieve higher data rates. The cellco has a total bandwidth of up to 30MHz in the 1800MHz and 2600MHz bands, and achieved maximum data rates of up to 225Mbps in its trials of the service.

Russia, MegaFon, Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)