Digicel Fiji announces new cloud-based telephony service

12 Jan 2015

Digicel Fiji has launched a new cloud-based telephony service in the local market, which it says will benefit Fijian businesses with an inexpensive and flexible solution, the Fiji Times reports. Digicel’s ICT sales manager Ravisa Daunivaka told reporters that the launch provides an opportunity for Digicel Business ‘to reaffirm its commitment to introducing the latest innovations and technology to Fijian business customers’. Daunivaka notes that Cloud Services are being ‘rapidly adopted by businesses in overseas markets, enabling greater efficiency and mobility to overcome the challenges of a modern workforce … Businesses of any size can avail of this cost-effective service on a pay-as-you-go model … In effect it allows small and medium size organisations to affordably gain access to advanced features that have traditionally been the domain of large corporate enterprises.’

Digicel’s Cloud Telephony service utilises voice-over IP (VoIP) technology to deliver voice and unified communications services to end users.

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