Cyber security draft law approved by cabinet

12 Jan 2015

Thailand’s cabinet last week approved a draft Cyber Stability & Security Act stipulating sweeping changes to data privacy and surveillance rules relating to communications providers, which will now be presented to the national legislative assembly for passage into law, Telecomasia reports. Under the act, a Cyber Security Commission chaired by the Prime Minister would have powers to directly order communications providers to supply any requested information, logs or documents to the commission, which could also summon individuals for questioning, while the act removes the existing requirement for a court order to carry out surveillance of communications or gain access to information. The report adds that under the draft wording, any officer appointed by the Cyber Security Commission would have the legal power to read e-mails, instant messages and other text communications plus listen to any voice conversations on any network in Thailand, while also having the power to demand access to information on ‘any computer system’.