Cellcos ordered to charge per-second

8 Jan 2015

Thailand’s mobile network operators have been ordered by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) to introduce per-second voice call billing as standard in place of the current per-minute norm on all user packages within six months to a year, The Nation reports. The regulator stated: ‘The [NBTC’s] telecom committee is expected to propose to the NBTC board on 21 January to consider the new draft regulation for consumer protection of charging on per-second basis.’ All Thai operators’ billing systems are able to charge per-second but their user packages bill customers on a per-minute basis, with the reason cited as being due to the per-minute wholesale interconnection rate, the report noted, adding that the NBTC will ‘soon’ announce a lower interconnection rate to comply with the new retail user charging policy. Operators are planning to launch their first packages based on per-second billing from March.