T-Mobile US, Ericsson collaborate on 5GHz small cells initiative

6 Jan 2015

Swedish technology vendor Ericsson has announced that it is working on a project which will allow smartphone users to benefit of concurrent access to both licensed and unlicensed spectrum, by delivering the first Licence Assisted Access (LAA) small cells. Ericsson notes that by applying Long Term Evolution (LTE) standards to the 5GHz spectrum, which is also used for Wi-Fi access, users will be able enjoy the security and reliability of LTE networks, while all of the available wireless resources will be optimised.

Going forward, T-Mobile US plans to stage LAA production trials later this year. Neville Ray, the cellco’s chief technical officer, commented: ‘There’s approximately 550MHz of underutilised spectrum in the 5GHz Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (UNII) band and LAA is one of the technologies we plan to develop and use in our continuing efforts to provide our customers with superior network performance.’

United States, Ericsson, T-Mobile US