Bankrupt Fitel facing licence cancellation as NCC outlines plans to reassign numbers

5 Jan 2015

Following confirmation that Taiwanese Personal Handyphone Service (PHS) service provider First International Telecom (Fitel) has been declared bankrupt, the National Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed that telephone numbers assigned to the operator will now be reassigned to some of the nation’s 4G providers. According to the Taipei Times, the regulator has said it intends to assist those individuals still using Fitel’s services to migrate to other providers under the number portability policy.

With Fitel having been declared bankrupt at the start of last week by the Taipei District Court, it was also noted that the company only has until today to appeal the court’s ruling, with NCC spokesperson Yu Hsiao-cheng cited as saying: ‘If it becomes clear that the company will not be able to continue operations, the commission will have to cancel its license to offer the PHS service, as well as the license to use the frequency.’

Meanwhile, around two million mobile numbers that had been earmarked for Fitel will be reclaimed by the authorities and reassigned to five other operators, those being: Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, Far EasTone Telecommunications, Asia Pacific Telecom and Taiwan Star Cellular.