Vodacom to boost internet access for DRC students

2 Jan 2015

Mobile service provider Vodacom Congo has reportedly funded the installation of a USD83,000 digital centre in the Congolese University of Kinshasa, according to Biztech Afirca. The centre will include 100 computers providing internet access, and will help transform the university from its current state – it lacks landline phones, adequate electricity and tap water – into a modern functioning study centre. Vodacom Congo managing director Murielle Lorilloux said: ‘We remain convinced that access to new information technologies and communication is a powerful means of development … access to the internet should not be a privilege.’ The operator has previously reached out to underserved Congolese communities, having conversed with local residents in November with regards to increasing 3G network coverage in rural areas of Kasai.

Congo, Dem. Rep., Vodacom Congo (DRC)