Telekom Slovenije settles four-year legal fight with Si.Mobil

2 Jan 2015

Telekom Slovenije released a statement last week upon signing an agreement with cellular rival Si.Mobil on ‘settlement of mutual relations’ related to long-standing competition disputes. The statement reads: ‘By signing the agreement the companies are settling open relations between them and setting out the conditions for future business cooperation. Telekom Slovenije shall not disclose the details of the signed agreement. Telekom Slovenije Management Board estimates that the signed agreement presents a significant step towards risk reduction for reasons of civil claims, which will additionally increase the company value for the owners.’ Slovenian news agency STA notes that the two telcos arrived at a mutual settlement after four years of legal battles. Most recently, in mid-December the European Court in Luxembourg dismissed the appeal of Telekom Austria subsidiary Si.Mobil against the European Commission’s (EC’s) decision not to examine its competition case against Telekom Slovenije. Si.mobil had accused Telekom (including mobile unit Mobitel) of abusing its dominant position in the Slovenian mobile market, but the EC declined to consider Si.Mobil’s case, as it was already being handled by the Slovenian Agency for Protection of Competition.