Bezeq files petition against wholesale market reforms

2 Jan 2015

Following the announcement in November 2014 that Israel’s outgoing communications minister Gilad Erdan had approved long-awaited reforms to the country’s telecoms market that would enable alternative operators to rent space on Bezeq’s infrastructure, the fixed line incumbent has filed a petition with the High Court of Justice regarding the matter.

In a press release confirming the development, Bezeq confirmed it was seeking a cancellation of the decision related to the format of the provision of wholesale services and the setting of rates for access to its infrastructure. As per its petition it has called on the High Court of Justice to cancel the regulatory ruling, and consequently to rescind the amendment of its concession, while also annulling the regulations ‘prescribing the obligation to provide the services and the maximum rates for the wholesale services’. Further, the telco has asked for an ‘urgent’ hearing on the petition.

In outlining the reasons for its requests, Bezeq has argued that ‘sections of the [regulator’s] decision were reached without authority or in excess of authority, sections of the decision are extremely unreasonable and other sections of the decision are unable to be implemented’. Further, the telco has asserted that the ruling was made through an ‘improper proceeding’, while adding that, with regards to certain issues it had not ‘been heard at all’.