RURA is analysing a MNP feasibility report

24 Dec 2014

Jean Baptiste Mutabazi, head of telecoms watchdog the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA), has revealed that the watchdog is currently discussing a mobile number portability (MNP) report with policy makers and industry stakeholders, AllAfrica reports. Last year RURA hired a consultant to study the feasibility of the potential implementation of a MNP project and associated costs, with the final report being submitted in November 2014. The official pointed out that a cost benefit analysis of the service will be conducted prior to its introduction in order to determine if the project will be profitable, adding: ‘There is infrastructure investment involved in a centralised system which will allow people to port…’.

TeleGeography notes that the launch of MNP services, which allows subscribers to retain their phone number when they switch service provider, was originally slated for 2011. RURA said in February that year that it had postponed the implementation of the service to 2012 to allow the country’s three mobile operators to fully establish themselves in the market. ‘We have decided to postpone the introduction of the service to 2012 because the market is not yet ready for it; we also want the market to have a 60% [mobile] penetration.’ The country passed the 60% mobile penetration mark in January 2014.