RSCC to launch satellite broadband to Central, South-Ural, Far East and Siberia regions in 2015

24 Dec 2014

Online news journal reports that Russia’s FSUE Satellite Communications (RSCC) will launch satellite broadband services in the Far East and Siberia by April next year, and in the Central and South-Ural regions in Q3 2015. The first launch will use resources on the Express-AM5 orbiter it says, while the second will utilise capacity on the Express-AM6 satellite. At a meeting with journalists, RSCC chief executive officer Yuri Prokhorov said his company is developing high speed internet via the Ka band, while it also has Ka-Sat coverage on the Eutelsat-owned satellite covering European parts of Russia, which catered to 5,532 broadband users by mid-December 2014.

In October this year RSCC signed a ten-year contract with Ka-Internet a group of companies owned by Altegrosky – for the provision of broadband services using Express-AM5, which is due to be put into operation in April 2015. The satellite is designed to handle mobile and governmental communications, multiservice networks (digital TV, telephony, videoconferencing, data transmission), and to create networks based on VSAT technology in Siberia and the Far East. Meanwhile, Express-AM6 is equipped with 72 transponders in C-, Ku-, Ka- and L- bands.