Two Dutch businesses trial KPN VoLTE

23 Dec 2014

Telco KPN is trialling voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) technology with around 120 employees from Dutch businesses, Amsterdam ArenA and Accenture over the next two months; VoLTE-supporting smartphones from LG and Samsung are being supplied, allowing the employees to ‘extensively test the new technology’ by making and receiving calls to ensure quality of service. This follows the partnership of KPN and wireless giant China Mobile in October to trial international, IMS-based VoLTE roaming between the mobile operators, using technology developed by the Dutch provider’s iBasis unit. KPN neglected at the time to indicate a date for launch of the technology, which enables voice calls over 4G LTE networks rather than the 2G and 3G connections previously used, but is now ‘working closely with equipment suppliers’ to make sure more devices are VoLTE-compatible, stating in its press release that conversations using the technology will be up to four times faster and at high definition (HD) voice standard. General manager at KPN, Jacob Groote, commented: With the rollout of VoLTE [we] are taking the next step in 4G innovation.’

Netherlands, KPN