Ifetel to auction 60MHz block of 1700MHz/2100MHz spectrum in 2015

23 Dec 2014

Mexican telecoms regulator Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (Ifetel) has unveiled its ‘Programa Anual de Uso y Aprovechamiento de Bandas de Frecuencias 2015’ (Programa 2015) document, outlining the wireless spectrum that it intends to make available next year via an auction process, or – if appropriate – by direct allocation. According to the document, the regulator has identified the following spectrum bands for distribution: 1710MHz-1725MHz paired with 2110MHz-2125MHz and 1755MHz-1770MHz paired with 2155MHz-2170MHz.

In the same document, Ifetel has unveiled plans to make available a 10MHz block in the 440MHz-450MHz band for ‘private radiocommunication systems’, while frequencies in the 824MHz-849MHz and 869MHz-894MHz bands are set to be assigned to operators willing to boost rural connectivity.