Liquid completes 4,200km Kenyan fibre rollout

19 Dec 2014

Liquid Telecom has completed the roll out of 4,200km of fibre infrastructure connecting 39 out of 47 counties in Kenya, writes ITWeb Africa. The company said that demand for high speed internet access in the country has been driven by businesses such as banks and government offices and institutions. ‘We believe that everyone has the right to be connected and so investing in the build out of infrastructure to the counties will help us in our goal to connect every person and business in Africa,’ commented Ben Roberts, CEO of Liquid Telecom Kenya, adding: ‘By providing access to information, connecting people to businesses everywhere, and opening up new markets, the internet can transform the very nature of an economy and support economic development. For our clients, the main concern is a stable internet connection that enables them provide swift services to the public through accessing information on the national database, allowing regional staff to process requests and make real time updates, and a fibre network is more reliable in these instances’.

Mauritius-headquartered Liquid Telecom Group acquired an 80% stake in the operator, which was then known as Kenya Data Networks (KDN), in January 2013. Liquid Telecom Group says it has built Africa’s largest independent fibre network which runs from the north of Uganda to Cape Town in South Africa. The network spans over 18,000km and includes the East Africa Fibre Ring, which was completed in June 2014 and is said to be the first regional fibre ring on the continent.