Bahraini regulator to implement market review to improve regulatory framework

18 Dec 2014

Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has released a draft version of a strategic market review (SMR) of the country’s telecoms market started earlier this year, designed to improve the industry’s regulatory framework. The SMR’s remit is to review how competition has developed in the local telecoms market and to amend the regulatory framework as necessary to reflect that. ‘The SMR draft report sets out TRA’s proposed directions on what should be done to promote an even more efficient and dynamic telecoms market,’ said TRA’s general director Mohammed Bubashait. ‘Through the outcomes of the SMR, Bahrain will be taking significant steps towards ensuring that market regulation is in sync with the recent market and technological developments. The TRA continues to be a highly progressive market regulator, taking pioneering steps to foster efficient market outcomes. We are now keen to consult the industry and other stakeholders to hear their views on TRA’s proposed way forward,’ he added.

The public consultation period will run until the end of January 2015, with the final report on the SMR due for publication in Q2 2015.

Bahrain, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)