Dutch operators first to reach network failure back-up sharing agreement

17 Dec 2014

The top three mobile service providers in the Netherlands – KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile, with respective 49.7%, 28.6% and 21.7% subscriber market shares at 30 September 2014 – have agreed to borrow each other’s networks in the event of ‘long-term’ failure. According to a Vodafone press release, if one of the three operators experiences network disruption which affects more than 500,000 subscribers for longer than three days, the sharing system will be deployed. Customers will be able to resume voice and SMS services temporarily over another operator’s network, while data services will not be available as the costs are claimed to be too high. The agreement follows orders from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to develop a solution to network failures after a major disruption in April 2012 affected over one million people. The Netherlands is the first country in the world where operators have made such an agreement.

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