CableVision Bermuda hunting high and low with fibre upgrade

17 Dec 2014

Bermudan digital cable TV and broadband access provider CableVision has upgraded its fibre-optic infrastructure in the country to allow ultra-high broadband internet speeds, The Royal Gazette reports. The cableco is using fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) technology to boost infrastructure capacity by a factor of 50, allow for peak data speeds of up to 900Mbps/200Mbps (download/upload) and enable the launch of new products and services. CableVision CEO Terry Roberson is quoted as saying that fibre upgrades will also be carried out in the West End (i.e. Royal Naval Dockyard) – in time for the massively increased demand for data services during the global America’s Cup. ‘We feel it’s an appropriate time for us to position our company for the future where we can deliver exceptional services with technology that will be relevant over the next ten to 15 years,’ he said. ‘We also believe that this will assist in selling Bermuda as a sophisticated technological centre to the international business community,’ Roberson added.