Analogue (all I want)? Armenia says no as DTT bill sent to parliament

17 Dec 2014

Ashot Melikyan, head of the Armenian commission for freedom of speech, has announced that the country’s transition from analogue broadcasting to digital terrestrial television (DTT) took a major step forward this week with the news that a bill defining the terms of the switchover have now been sent to parliament. The government has set a date of 1 June 2015 for the migration to a DTT standard, putting Armenia in step with the single European digital TV standard. Ms Melikyan commented that amendments made to the nation’s law on TV and radio in 2010, allow for some 18 TV channels to switch from analogue to digital by 20 July 2015. The transfer of existing channels will be paid for by the government, although Arka News notes that ‘practically nothing is mentioned about private multiplexes’. According to Ms Melikyan though, the DTT legislation needs to be amended to clarify how new private multiplexes will be allowed to enter the local market. ‘We are discussing how to transfer to a simple licensing method. This means TV companies will be able to decide on their own how they will broadcast – through state-funded, satellite or cable multiplexes,’ she said.