DirecTV focusing on fixed LTE initially

16 Dec 2014

Pay-TV provider DirecTV, a new entrant to Venezuela’s mobile broadband sector via its 2600MHz 4G spectrum licence win earlier this month, has disclosed details of its initial plans for LTE service rollout. Saulo Useche, vice president of finance at DirecTV Venezuela, confirmed that at this early stage the operator will concentrate on offering fixed LTE-based broadband (data-only) services, reports. The satellite TV operator’s 40MHz wireless broadband concession – won via its Galaxy Entertainment Venezuela division – stipulates deployment of LTE base stations nationwide, and the executive said that the company is currently finalising the investment schedule, adding that it is ‘premature’ to discuss the size of the investment or details of services/prices, while ‘all this must first [be] approved by the regulator.’ US telecoms giant AT&T is currently in the process of taking control of the multinational DirecTV group.

Venezuela, SimpleTV (formerly DirecTV Venezuela)