Irish average broadband speeds continue to increase

12 Dec 2014

According to ComReg, average broadband speeds in Ireland continue to rise with the regulator reporting that in Q3 2014 around 61.8% of all fixed broadband subscriptions offered speeds of 10Mbps or higher, up 19.7% from the corresponding period in the previous year, while 43.2% of connections offered speeds of 30Mbps or above, up from 32.5% in Q3 2013. Broken down further, approximately 67.5% of residential subscriptions and 25.4% of business subscriptions exceeded 10Mbps at the end of September 2014, while 47.9% of residential and 13.2% of business connections surpassed 30Mbps. ComReg notes that over the last two years broadband growth has been mainly in the >30Mbps bracket, having increased from 19.9% in Q3 2012 to 43.2% in Q3 2014.