Verizon refarming 1900MHz band for LTE in ten markets; EV-DO set to continue until 2019

8 Dec 2014

US mobile giant Verizon Wireless is in the process of refarming its 1900MHz PCS spectrum for 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) use. Technology website GigaOm quotes Mike Haberman, vice president of network operations, as saying that Verizon is initially rolling out LTE technology over its PCS spectrum in ten markets, starting with Manhattan (New York). Although Haberman declined to reveal the other cities in which spectrum will be refarmed, anecdotal evidence suggests that the process is also underway in Cleveland (Ohio). The strategy was always on the cards for Verizon, given that 79% of its data traffic was said to be carried over its LTE network as of 3Q14. Nevertheless, Haberman told GigaOm that Verizon has committed to support EV-DO until at least 31 December 2019.

United States, Verizon Wireless