Teletok selects Kacific for satellite broadband solution

8 Dec 2014

Teletok, the sole telecoms provider on the Pacific territory of Tokelau, has selected Singapore-based solutions provider Kacific to deliver satellite broadband connectivity across its territory and surrounding waters. Tealofi Enosa, CEO of Teletok, commented: ‘The provision of affordable, accessible low-cost, high speed broadband will enable Tokelau to make significant and rapid progress in key policy areas including good governance and the development of our people, infrastructure and economy. By supporting these four priority development goals of the Tokelau National Strategic Plan, it will fundamentally change every aspect of life in Tokelau.’

Kacific will deploy a single high power beam from its Ka-band high throughput satellite (HTS) to cover the three small atolls, which are situated north of Samoa. Kacific expects to launch its Kacific-1 satellite by early 2017 and to provide operational service shortly thereafter.

The New Zealand territory of Tokelau has a population of just 1,400. There is no airport, and a chartered vessel, operated under an arrangement between New Zealand and Tokelau, is the only means of transport to and from the islands at present; the trip from Apia in Samoa currently takes over a day.

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