First citywide triple-play network completed in Karamay

8 Dec 2014

Karamay in Xinjiang autonomous region has become the first Chinese city to provide all of its residents with access to bundled voice, TV and internet service Xinhua reports. All 130,000 of the city’s households have been connected to a fibre-optic ‘Triple-Play’ network, enabling potential downloads speeds of up to 100Mbps citywide. The network is a converged system offered via a partnership between telcos and cable TV providers: China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile and Karamay Radio and Television Transmission jointly invested CNY220 million (USD35.7 million) in the network back in 2011 to pilot the Triple-Play programme in the city. Su Guoping, the deputy director of the Xingjiang regional commission of economic and information technology, described Karamay as a ‘demonstration city’ for the construction of Triple-Play networks. The combined network has reportedly reduced infrastructure maintenance costs there by 50%, as well as trimming investment by 75% when compared to the installation of separate facilities by telecoms providers and TV broadcasters. Residents, meanwhile, have had the cost of services reduced by 60%, according to Karamay’s information management bureau.