Three UK reveals 3.1 million are using its 4G network

5 Dec 2014

Hutchison 3G UK, which offers services under the Three banner, has announced that 3.1 million of its customers are now utilising its 4G network, just ten months after it introduced LTE-based connectivity on a commercial basis. With the operator noting that the figure represented over a third of its eight million total subscribers, it also confirmed that 48% of the nation’s population now has access to its 4G services, which are offered at no additional cost to subscribers over 3G data connectivity. Looking ahead, the cellco has said it intends to continue expanding its network footprint in 2015 with a view to achieving 98% population coverage, adding that it is currently deploying equipment to support low frequency 800MHz services in order to ‘significantly enhance both indoor and rural coverage’.

Commenting on the developments, Three UK chief executive Dave Dyson was cited as saying: ‘The rollout of new capacity is progressing well and, most importantly for me, customer satisfaction is higher than ever. With an advanced 3G network already in place all our customers are able to benefit from a reliable and high performing network … The addition of low frequency spectrum is just one part of our plans to expand Three’s coverage and bring our network to more people in more places in 2015.’

United Kingdom, Hutchison 3G UK (Three UK)