Zayo Group reveals plans for Omaha-Texas dark fibre route

3 Dec 2014

Colorado-based Zayo Group has announced its intention to build a dark fibre route between Omaha, Nebraska and Dallas, Texas. The 1,000-mile network will run through Omaha, Kansas City, Bentonville (Arkansas), Tulsa (Oklahoma) and Dallas, along a rural route spanning Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. The new plant will include 17 neutral colocation sites to provide space and power for customers. The new network will contain multiple conduits and offer diversity from other existing routes, the fibre provider notes. Zayo expects to complete construction of the new route in 2017.

In addition to connecting the two endpoints, the fibre-optic cable network will create a new path connecting Kansas City, Denver and Dallas, thanks to connections with Zayo’s existing infrastructure. Going forward, the company says it also is pondering the use of existing infrastructure to further extend the route from Dallas to Houston. The expansion adds an additional major intercity route following other recently completed or acquired routes between San Francisco and Sacramento, San Diego and Yuma (Arizona), and Denver and Chicago.

United States, Zayo Group