Ukko Mobile claims 99.9% LTE-450 coverage at launch

3 Dec 2014

Finnish mobile data operator Ukko Mobile has switched on what it claims is the world’s first commercial LTE-450 network. With the infrastructure rollout having been carried out in collaboration with Chinese vendor Huawei, from launch the new network covers 99.9% of the Finnish population.

With some of the country’s largest transportation companies such as the Finnish National Railways VR Group as its customers, Ukko Mobile is initially looking to offer its nationwide 4G service to the enterprise, business-to-business (B2B) and governmental sectors, rather than residential users, with a particular focus on moving vehicles and equipment. Nonetheless, during the next six months it has said it aims to launch a pre-paid, family-oriented wireless broadband service designed for those living in rural and remote regions.

As a strategic partner of Ukko Mobile, Huawei meanwhile noted that it had provided end-to-end LTE 450MHz network solutions, which not only facilitated the smooth migration of CDMA 450MHz to LTE 450MHz, but also reused legacy network resources like base stations, sites, power, and antennas, helping to decrease the operator’s network investments.

Commenting on the development, Antti Pellinen, Ukko Mobile CEO, was cited as saying: ‘The superior coverage area of our network combined with the very low latency of the new LTE technology provides excellent user experience and enables remote workload execution all across Finland.’

Finland, Edzcom (formerly Ukkoverkot), Huawei Technologies