This time it’s Personal: regulator reveals cellco's 3G, 4G spectrum allocation

1 Dec 2014

Argentina’s Secretaria de Comunicaciones (SeCom) has confirmed that Telecom Argentina (Personal) was successful in the watchdog’s multi-band spectrum auction on 31 October. According to SeCom, the telco won the following spectrum for 3G use: 1890MHz-1892.5MHz and 1970MHz-1972.5MHz (Region I – North), 830.25MHz-834MHz and 875.25MHz-879MHz (Region II – Buenos Aires metropolitan area) and 1862.5MHz-1867.5MHz and 1942.5MHz-1947.5MHz (Region III – South). Meanwhile, Personal was handed a national 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) licence encompassing 1730MHz-1745MHz and 2130MHz-2145MHz spectrum.

As previously reported by TeleGeography’s CommsUpdate, last week rival operator Claro was awarded the following spectrum blocks for 3G use: 1892.5MHz-1895MHz and 1972.5MHz-1975MHz (Region I), 1870MHz-1875MHz and 1950MHz-1955MHz (Region II) and 1867.5MHz-1870MHz and 1947.5MHz-1950MHz (Region III). Claro also won a national LTE licence offering spectrum at 1720MHz-1730MHz and 2120MHz-2130MHz.

The spectrum allocations awarded to fellow bidders Telefonica Moviles (Movistar) and media conglomerate Arlink (Grupo Uno) have yet to be confirmed.