Tigo Tanzania pays profit to its 3.6m Tigo-Pesa users

27 Nov 2014

Millicom Tanzania (Tigo), the country’s third largest mobile operator in terms of subscribers, has announced the ‘first of its regular quarterly payments…to Tigo-Pesa users’. Following an initial payment from profits accumulated over three and a half years, totalling TZS14.25 billion (USD17 million), subscribers to the mobile money service are to receive quarterly dividends based on their average daily Tigo-Pesa e-wallet balance. The first of the quarterly payments amounts to TZS3 billion and is to be distributed amongst the 3.6 million users of the Tigo-Pesa service. Diego Gutierrez, general manager at Tigo said: ‘This…profit disbursement shows the company’s continued commitment to benefit and improve the lives of Tanzanians. These payments are going to every user of Tigo cash, including the chief agents, retail agents and ordinary users of this service.’

Tanzania, Millicom Tanzania (Tigo)