Parliament approves interior network sharing rules

27 Nov 2014

Chile’s parliament has passed legislation to ensure that residents of shared buildings have access to more than one telecoms provider, TeleSemana writes. The bill, which still needs to be signed by the President before it passes into law, prohibits exclusive contracts between telcos and building owners and managers. Further, the legislation obliges that new builds have the capability for multiple operators to provide services to residents on a competitive basis. The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT) and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MINVU) are jointly responsible for the implementation of the law, including registering the construction projects that must comply with the new rules. As well as under-construction and planned structures, the new rules are to be retrospectively applied to existing buildings, with owners required to take measures to ensure that residents are able to choose from at least two telecoms service providers. The only exceptions to this rule are in cases where the necessary works would compromise the safety or outward appearance of a building.