SeCom confirms Claro 3G, 4G spectrum allocations

26 Nov 2014

Argentina’s Secretaria de Comunicaciones (SeCom) has confirmed that Claro Argentina was successful in the watchdog’s multi-band spectrum auction on 31 October. According to SeCom, Claro won the following spectrum blocks for 3G use: 1892.5MHz-1895MHz and 1972.5MHz-1975MHz (Region I – North), 1870MHz-1875MHz and 1950MHz-1955MHz (Region II – Buenos Aires metropolitan area) and 1867.5MHz-1870MHz and 1947.5MHz-1950MHz (Region III – South). Meanwhile, Claro has been handed a national 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) licence encompassing 1720MHz-1730MHz and 2120MHz-2130MHz spectrum.

As previously reported by TeleGeography’s CommsUpdate, Telecom Argentina (Personal) has already confirmed that it bid on the following spectrum blocks: 830.25MHz-834MHz paired with 875.25MHz-879MHz (Lot 2); 1890MHz-1892.5MHz paired with 1970MHz-1972.5MHz (Lot 5); 1862.5MHz-1867.5MHz paired with 1942.5MHz-1947.5MHz (Lot 6); and 1730MHz-1745MHz paired with 2130MHz-2145MHz (Lot 8). The telco made no mention of geographical concessions.

Winners of the 4G spectrum will be required to provide coverage of all localities with more than 500 inhabitants (around 98% of the population) within five years, with the licences valid for a period of 15 years. Earlier this month the watchdog confirmed that it had received bids totalling USD2.23 billion for the wireless spectrum, a 13% premium on the floor price of USD1.97 billion.