Nepal sees continued rise in mobile subscribers; NST expands network coverage

25 Nov 2014

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has released its latest statistical bulletin covering the month to 16 September 2014. At that date the country was home to 21.49 million GSM mobile users – up from 20.64 million three months earlier – split between privately owned Ncell (12.03 million) and government-backed Nepal Telecom (NT – 9.46 million). In addition, NT claimed 1.15 million CDMA-based mobile users, up from 1.09 million at mid-June. In the fixed broadband sector, meanwhile, NT had 121,570 ADSL subscribers by 16 September, down from 128,021 three months before, though there were gains in the cable modem sector (up from 31,827 to 33,498), in the WiMAX market (from 8,859 to 9,891) and for other broadband connection types such as wireless modems and fibre (from 64,181 to 64,304).

Separately, Nepal Satellite Telecom (NST) has announced that its ‘Hello Nepal’ limited mobility service has been expanded to western and far-western regions of the country. The firm, which had 147,356 limited mobility users and 2,644 fixed-wireless subscribers as of mid-September, previously offered coverage only in the mid-western region. Puru Risal, media coordinator of Hello Nepal, told local news portal Republica: ‘We were allowed to expand service in new areas as the regulator was satisfied with our service in the mid-western region.’