SkyVision provides C&W Seychelles with IP trunking and managed private network solution

21 Nov 2014

SkyVision Global Networks has provided its managed IP Trunking and Private Network solutions to Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS), part of the UK-owned Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) group. The network modernisation project, managed by SkyVision, consists of providing IP trunking to the main island of Seychelles (Mahe), and a private VSAT network for its surrounding smaller islands. A press release says that CWS required a network solution including fibre restoration for back-up and additional internet service back-up for key business customers to maintain viable communications between Mahe and twelve neighbouring islands. Cable & Wireless Seychelles claims that over 95% of businesses in the islands use its services.

In addition to its IP Trunking service based on DVB-S2X technology, SkyVision deployed its proprietary Private Network solution for a government project, in close cooperation with CWS and the Islands Development Company (IDC). Connection from the main island to smaller remote islands was successfully implemented using the Romantis VSAT platform which SkyVision recently introduced to the market. SkyVision’s 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) supervises the services. ‘We see an increase in the need for reliable and cost-effective satellite communications, even in countries where submarine cables have been existent for several years now. As last mile connectivity remains a necessity, SkyVision intends to continue expanding its reach and providing its customers with the best suited solution for their business requirements,’ commented Dror Limor, SkyVision’s VP of sales.

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