Gigabit grab-bag: a number of US telcos unveil 1Gbps plans

20 Nov 2014

Midcontinent Communications, a regional cable operator based in the Midwest, has become the latest US service provider to enter the 1Gbps fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) game, with plans to offer the service in Fargo, Bismarck and Grand Forks (all North Dakota), along with Sioux Falls and Rapid City (South Dakota). Under its ‘Midcontinent Gigabit Frontier Initiative’ banner, the telco will make 1Gbps speeds available to about 600,000 homes and 55,000 businesses along a high-capacity fibre network that covers more than 7,600 miles. The service is expected to launch in late 2017.

Meanwhile, Consolidated Communications has responded to Google Fiber’s recently disclosed Kansas City fibre announcement by unveiling its own 1Gbps internet package for residential customers in the area. According to Fierce Telecom, the telco is leveraging the 2007-built network infrastructure belonging to Everest Broadband, one of Consolidated’s predecessor companies.

Elsewhere, TDS Telecom is extending its 1Gbps FTTP network product to Monroe, Wisconsin, the latest town in its home state to get the new service. As in other towns and cities where it has launched the 1Gbps service, TDS Telecom is offering the advanced transmission speeds as part of a bundle, along with its TDS TV product.

Finally, according to a story in The Seattle Times, Wave Broadband’s CondoInternet subsidiary will start deploying 1Gbps services in Seattle’s Eastlake neighbourhood in December before extending its footprint. According to Fierce, CondoInternet, which was acquired by Wave last year, has been wiring condos and apartments with ultrafast service since 2008 and now reaches around 20,000 residents, 75% of whom can grab Gigabit speeds.