ATELMO proposes USD26bn ten-year investment programme

19 Nov 2014

Chilean lobby group Asocian de Telefonia Movil (ATELMO), which represents the nation’s cellular providers, is to propose a public-private partnership that will involve an investment of USD26 billion over the next ten years to develop the nation’s communications sector. ATELMO’s CEO William Pickering is quoted by Signals Telecom News as saying that the proposal looks to extend 4G mobile and fibre-based broadband services to 80% of the population over the next decade. Mr Pickering went on to say that USD22 billion could be provided by industry players, whilst the remaining 15% should come from the state. However, the proposal also suggests changes to the current regulation of the sector, such as developing the tools of the Telecom Development Fund (Fondo de Desarrollo de las Telecomunicaciones, FDT). More importantly, the official explained that before going ahead with the programme, the lobby group wanted the government to address industry concerns surrounding the planned strengthening of the powers of the National Consumer Service (Servicio Nacional del Consumidor, SERNAC). Mr Pickering commented that although it is important that there is a law that protects consumers, the law has some flaws – such as excessive fines and administrative procedures – that could be refined.