Vodafone Ghana will not block Expresso calls

18 Nov 2014

Haris Broumidis, chief executive officer of Vodafone Ghana, has revealed that his company has no immediate plans to terminate its existing interconnection agreement with rival Expresso over its inability to honour its financial obligations, and will instead negotiate with the smaller operator on how to deal with the matter. ‘In our case Vodafone Ghana is not considering cutting Expresso [off]. We will work with them to see how we will reach an amicable solution regarding what they owe us because of the incoming traffic’, the executive disclosed to Citi FM Online.

TeleGeography notes that, MTN Ghana and Airtel have both blocked incoming calls from Expresso’s networks due to the cellco’s inability to settle its debts. Last week telecoms watchdog the National Communications Authority (NCA) took steps to mediate the dispute between the parties, and while the regulator disclosed that it is still monitoring the issue, and will take the appropriate action after a comprehensive review of the situation, it had reminded Expresso’s subscribers that, if they so wish, they can make use of mobile number portability (MNP) and switch to another provider.

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