Court says Telenet must open networks to rivals

14 Nov 2014

Belgian cable TV operator Telenet has lost a legal appeal against a regulatory decision forcing it to open its networks to other operators. Domestic cellular operator Mobistar has welcomed what it said was a ‘positive decision’, saying it can now gain wholesale access to the Telenet networks to allow it to provide a multi-play bundle of mobile telephony, broadband internet access and TV services. The cellco has called on the country’s regulators to ensure that the pricing of Telenet’s wholesale offer will enable resellers to make a profit on their service offerings. Mobistar previously offered multi-play bundles using cable networks, but withdrew the services last year, claiming they were not economical to operate under the existing regulations.

Another firm which will welcome the move is Proximus (formerly Belgacom), which is looking to use Telenet’s infrastructure as a back-up system for its own enterprise customers. As it stands, Telenet is able to offer the Proximus network as a back-up to its business users but Proximus cannot do likewise with Telenet’s network. With Telenet having cable systems solely in the northern Flanders region of Belgium, a separate decision has still to be made covering the French-speaking Wallonia region, which is home to cablecos Numericable and Voo.

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