TeleGeography turns 25!

13 Nov 2014

This year, TeleGeography is celebrating 25 years of international telecom research and mapping. To mark the occasion, we’ve released two interactive timelines that highlight the evolution of our organisation and our unique telecom map designs. To share our maps and research with a broader audience, we’re offering a deep discount on our most popular map ever, and releasing a free historical archive of our research.

The Company History timeline charts highlights in our company’s development, from the first reference to “telegeography” by company founder Greg Staple to the present day. The Telecom Cartography timeline displays the evolution of our cartographic work, from the first global traffic flow map in 1991 to our newest Submarine Cable Map. The interactive timelines are accompanied by an essay by Greg Staple, describing TeleGeography’s background, philosophy, and impact. The timelines and essay are accessible at

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we’re pleased to offer our popular 2013 Global Submarine Cable Map for the discounted price of just USD75. The map pays homage to the artistry of antique maps with a design that displays 21st century networks on an 1870s-style map projection. Learn more or order your copy at

Finally, we’ve created a free archive of our first 15 years of TeleGeography reports at The archive spans the days when telecom was dominated by monopoly incumbents through the peak of the telecom bubble. The reports in our archive are made available under a Creative Commons Licence, and data may be freely used for non-commercial and/or educational purposes with attribution to TeleGeography.

We appreciate your interest in TeleGeography and hope that you find these resources useful. If you have questions, suggestions, or other feedback on our work, please email