Orange Armenia launches 42Mbps MyFi; cuts cost of H+ mobile internet services

13 Nov 2014

Mobile operator Orange Armenia has launched a new MyFi high speed internet service giving subscribers to its mobile broadband ‘H+’ service the opportunity to create personal Wi-Fi zones anywhere where its Orange network is present. In a press release, the carrier said that subscribers to its Internet Now 8000 tariff plan would be able to acquire the maximum 42Mbps MyFi service for AMD8,000 (USD19.3) per month (one-year contract), or AMD4,000 p/m over a 24-month contract. Further, customers on its Internet Now 11000 and 15000 plans can get MiFi for just AMD1; the device can also be purchased for AMD49,000, for users without a subscription.

Commenting on the new service, Orange Armenia’s Francis Gelibter said: ‘By the beginning of this year we had already vastly extended our H+ network coverage. Now we continue our efforts in making high speed 42Mbps internet services more available for all customers. In the year of our fifth anniversary we are glad to introduce this faster MyFi service to our customers and let them enjoy the H+/Wi-Fi internet services even on the go.’ The Orange network currently offers a maximum 21.6Mbps (HSPA+) connection across 100% of the network and up to 42.2Mbps (DC-HSPA+) to 86% of the population.