Open Mobile uses Devicescape to manage cellular-Wi-Fi hand-off

5 Nov 2014

Puerto Rican 4G LTE network operator Open Mobile is deploying the Devicescape Service Platform with the aim of providing its customers with always-best-connected mobile data services whether using cellular or Wi-Fi connections. Open Mobile is using Devicescape’s solution to manage the movement of its customers between the cellular network and private, public and carrier Wi-Fi access points, while in addition a press release adds that users can access Devicescape’s Curated Virtual Network of more than 20 million amenity Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide, each monitored in real-time for quality, availability and security. Dave Fraser, CEO of Devicescape, said: ‘Open Mobile, like an increasing number of operators, understands that end users just want the best connection they can get, irrespective of access technology or location.’

Puerto Rico, Devicescape, Open Mobile (part of PRWirelessPR)