Huawei to support reformation of Tanzania Telecommunication Company Ltd

5 Nov 2014

Following the visit of Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete to the headquarters of Chinese telecoms equipment vendor Huawei last week, it seems Tanzania can rely on continued investment from the Shenzhen-based technology heavyweight. Huawei reports ‘constructive talks’ and ‘deeply exchanged views on Tanzania’s…2025 ICT development plan’ while Kikwete stated: ‘It has been a pleasure…to have the opportunity to discuss developing and reforming the ICT industry in Tanzania…Huawei continues to support the Tanzanian government in communications technology innovation as we work to reform the national company, Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL).’ Huawei has already played a large part in improving Tanzania’s telecoms sector, constructing the country’s 7,000km fibre-optic National ICT Backbone and supporting various ventures by telecoms companies operating in the country; it now looks to work with the Tanzanian government to help reform incumbent national PSTN operator TTCL.