BREKO to test; Liquid Broadband plans new wireless network

4 Nov 2014

Bundesverband Breitbandkommunikation (BREKO), an association for alternative fixed line providers in Germany, has announced plans to conduct a practical test programme for technology by the end of the year. The scientifically monitored tests will be carried out in cooperation with the Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences. The organisation’s vice president, and CEO of Versatel, Johannes Pruchnow said that it aims to ensure that can be utilised by all network operators on fair and equitable terms and conditions from the outset. BREKO added that the technology must be regulated closely to ensure that is used competitively.

In a separate development, WirtschaftsWoche Online writes that German start-up Liquid Broadband plans to deploy a mobile network to compete with Telekom Deutschland, Vodafone Germany and the combined Telefonica Germany/E-Plus. Based in Frankfurt am Main, the company’s managing director Beate Rickert said that Liquid is hoping to utilise a newly developed technology comprising a box (‘NetStation’), similar in size to a wireless router, which can be placed in a user’s home or office and provide a signal of up to 500 meters, without the need for radio masts. Customers who set up the boxes will be able to make phone calls and surf the internet for free or for a discounted charge. The report adds that Rickert is seeking to change the procedure of the Federal Network Agency’s wireless spectrum auction, scheduled for next year, to ensure that a portion of radio spectrum is reserved for a new entrant.

Germany, Liquid Broadband